Hangetsu aka “Fat Sanchin”

I was training at a seminar at the weekend and it was a refreshing change from a bunch of Bullshido I have sometimes encountered at some other seminars. It was also great to meet up with a bunch of guys from all kinds of dojo’s in Cambridge. Thanks btw to my main training partner another Steve 🙂

The seminar was a must do for me it was looking at a pair of kata that have always intrigued me, Seisan and Hangetsu. I first met Hangetsu about 7 years ago at a seminar in South West London. We danced for a while and I thought, ooh I quite fancy you 😉
We saw each other around for a bit but were both involved with other people. Then a couple of years later we started bumping into each other a bit more frequently and things took off from there.

Hangetsu is the Shotokan younger half sister of Seisan. Although I knew of Seisan when I started seeing Hangetsu, we didn’t really see each other as Seisan lived with her Goju Mum in another part of town. A few years later we did meet at family get togethers and it was then I started seeing the similarities between the two of them. What has been quite interesting has been to look at the ancestry of the two and also how they do things.

Funakoshi changed things around a bit and a few things were explained to say about the how’s and why’s. I could go into them here, but you should really go on the seminars yourself and exerience it from the inside,  I liked it so much I’ll happily be doing that again – just don’t ask me to tell you direct for free – we do all have to eat after all – and Harry has a very interesting theory on that too!!!!!

Anyway, my view has always been that Hangetsu Dachi = Fat Sanchin. There you go, I said it and it’s now “in print”
I’ve told several of my previous instructors and they all just laughed.

I mentioned this to our instructor for the day and he liked it and promised to steal it – I give it to you freely
I also googled it and think its nearly a googlewhack

Overweight Sanchin is almost a googlewhack too – perhaps one day I’ll make one!